Sunday, September 6, 2015

Pallet Dog House- A Labor of Love

It is finally done!

Let me start from the beginning....

At the beginning of summer, the cedar dog house I had paid $150 for up in Washington state was falling apart. It was barely put together, and was done so with brad nails. The guy I bought it from had to come fix it 3 times right after I bought it and it was just plain garbage! When I saw the walls that my dogs lay against coming apart once again, my anger got the best of me and I tore it apart. I have pics somewhere of the mess that dog house was, but I am too tired to look for them.

Then I started building my own dog house from pallets. As we all know, pallets are usually free, and the place I get mine from are all heat treated. So the floor of the dog house is two pallets side by side. I was worried that the floor would not hold together because it was hard to attach them. But I got it done. The back and left hand side are also full pallets, stood next to each other and attached. I made adjustments as I went, as needed.

My surface was not level because it is in the kennel and every time I leveled the ground, one of my dogs would dig it up. I did not use a level for that reason, until the end to see how far off the whole thing was. I used scraps to fill in as spacers where needed mostly on the inside. Because the dog house was not built on a level surface it is also not square, as in nothing matches up anywhere. I had to build it in the kennel due to the size.

Getting going on the second half of the back wall and the right end was tough. I have been working full time throughout this project and the heat was incredibly difficult for me to accomplish much.

Determination paid off this weekend though. The weather cooled significantly, even raining the other night. So I got the walls done last weekend, and the front I finished yesterday. Today I put the roof on. The roof is a 4x8 piece of OSB. The metal roofing was left in my yard when I moved in.

Overall, the most cash I spent was $50-$60 or so. I bought the OSB, 3 2x4's and lots of screws. 2", 1 5/8", pocket hole screws and roofing screws for the metal roofing. I had all the tools already so nothing to purchase there. I used my drill a LOT, my Dremel Saw Max to cut pieces to fit, a hammer, my reciprocating saw to tear pallets apart, and my Kreg Jr. That made the 2nd half of the walls a breeze!

I sanded the floor so my dogs won't get slivers in the pads of the paws. Once all the walls were on, it was just a matter of applying myself. By this time, I was so tired and wanted it done already!

Once the roof was on, I used wood filler inside the dog house to close up any gaps between the pallet boards. They are rarely straight and even. This will hopefully keep any extra draft from getting in. I will let you know for sure how that part goes as time goes by.

I am NOT real great at building things. I also am not big on asking for help. My dad is taking care of my mom full time and they are both 80 so I hate to bother him, and my brother has MS so he struggles to do stuff like this too. So, I did this 100% on my own. I am glad it is finished! 

The back left corner looks like it is higher than the rest, but it was just the angle of the photo. In reality there is a slight lift in the front on top so the rain can roll right off the back, yet not so much into the dog house. 

The dimensions are roughly 83" long by roughly 36" tall by roughly 36" deep. 

My testers helped out now and then too. 

There is Plenty of room in this dog house for both of my German Shepherds to lay down, stretch out and really relax if they are in the kennel for hours on end while I am at work. In fact, I bet that two St Bernard's could live in this dog house! It is big, it is heavy and most importantly, it is Sturdy! 

I have not quite decided if I am going to paint this or not. I know paint and sealer will help make it last years and years to come. But for now, I am going to sit back and watch my dogs enjoy their Pallet dog house, made by their mom, with pure Love!