Monday, March 23, 2015

Sign making with pallet boards

I love making signs with pallet boards and my silhouette!

This one was incredibly fun! I used many different techniques and think it turned out very pretty.

I started out with a pallet and cut the boards off using a reciprocating saw. Be sure you do your homework and make sure the pallet is okay to use for things like this. Some pallets have been treated with chemicals that are not safe for your home. 

Next I cut the boards to the length I wanted with my Dremel Saw Max. Great tool for those of us who are intimidated by big power tools! 

I sanded the boards well with my Black and Decker mouse sander, making sure there were no spots to pick up a splinter. Then came the fun parts...

First was painting! I use Clark and Kensington from Ace Hardware. Once the paint was dry, I used General Finishes Van Dyke Brown Glaze. I applied the glaze and wiped it back with a dry paper towel. Once it was semi dry, I used a wet paper towel to remove and excess glaze.

Then it was time to break out my Silhouette Cameo and cut the wording out. I like to make stencils with my Silhouette for projects like this. I am learning new tricks all the time, although for this one I should have welded the lettering of each word (I think!) and spaced it out. 

Once my wording was transferred to the wood, I again spaced out a trick for crisp lettering...I did not use mod podge to prevent bleed through which later created an issue. I used a white paint pen to fix this issue. Simple, but avoidable! 

While paint dried through various parts of this project, I used my time to cut out flowers and butterflies from napkins. When everything was dry and ready, I used glossy mod podge to apply the flowers and butterflies. If they run over the edge I just glue them down over that edge....adds character! 

Once this stage was dry, I used my Black and Decker drill to make small holes for the wire, and wired the two boards together. I had some wire on hand that I use to stabilize my dogs fence so used it, but I probably could have used a lighter gauge wire and been fine. I also added wire to the top to hang the sign with and hung it in my livingroom right away! 

I love it! And....