Wednesday, December 3, 2014

My First build!

Please don't laugh at me for this build. It is my first and my measuring skills need improvement to say the least....

But I need desperately to replace this:

See how crooked that table is? It was in this house when I moved in. I tried to make it better but the fact is rebuilding it would be the only way to do that. It is press board and who knows what scraps the 'legs' were made of. 

So, awhile back I scored three door frames. The glass has been broken out of all of them. I decided one would make a fabulous base for a new table to replace this with. I also have at least a dozen pallets taking up space in my garage, so why not pair the frame and some pallet boards together for a new table next to my dryer!!

Now, as I said, my measuring skills are not perfect, and cutting straight lines on my measurements is a challenge too. But, I have been giving this my all. Last night my brother brought me a good deal of firewood, so today I built a fire and started putting my vision together. 

I have a shelf/coat rack  that needs to be finished as well, and it is longer than this door frame is wide, but I think I am going to attach it to the top. I will apply pallet boards all the way up, with the shelf on top. At this point, it has all been sanded down. I have not decided if I am going to paint it or not quite yet. I am also giving thought to adding a bottom shelf to it. It would probably look more 'finished' with a bottom shelf, don't you agree?!

I am pleased with the progress at this point, as it is a first build for me. It is Awesome experience and I look forward to building more things in the near future! 

Now I know that I am getting bad about promising that I will complete a project for you to come back and see in a few days, but for this one the build will be complete tomorrow for sure. I will update this post tomorrow evening with the final pics of this shelving unit. 

Until then, I would love to know what you all think...

Paint? No paint? Poly as is? paint the door frame and poly the pallet boards? Please leave a comment and let me know what I should do with this piece! 

Oh wait....I also built a pallet tree this I guess this is my second build. Still decorating this, but the sentiment is the same! Merry Christmas!