Sunday, August 17, 2014

$5 dresser upcycle

I recently bought a beat up old dresser for $5 at a yard sale. It was swaying to and fro as we loaded it up in the van. Extremely unsteady. The insides were not clean, the outside was made of cheap who knows what! But I had a vision.

I was told as I bought it that the lady had 'glued the top back on'. It was not level, had cracks I could see through and was in general, ready for the dump.

Once home with this piece, it sat in my garage for a couple of weeks, waiting to inspiration to strike. Here is the only before picture I have.

The first idea I had was to turn it into a folding table & storage for rags and such, but at the moment I am limited on paint colors, so decided on another way to repurpose this dresser. It is now filled with supplies for my two German Shepherd's! The top is where all of the brushes and shampoo's are kept, and the 3 remaining drawers are filled with leashes, medications and other things. 

The first thing I did was to take to top off. It looked horrid after the previous owner glued the top back on. I dropped the top down, using the top drawer for a cat bed which can be found here. 

Once the top was removed, I literally dropped it down, then used pallet wood to fill in where the drawer had been and to sturdy the unit up. That is where I now keep brushes and shampoo's now. 

After getting it stable, I used my blue and pink paints to give a fresh new look to the body of the dresser and added new handles that I got on sale at Ace Hardware. 

All that is left is trimming up the top around the shelf and decorating! I think it looks a lot better than the plastic storage bin next to it, plus it is much stronger to hold up to two big dogs and their supplies. 

What do YOU think?