Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My cat is a whiner, sooooo.....

Yes, my cat is a major whiner. He meows every step he takes, everywhere he goes. Unless he is asleep. And he prefers to sleep in my recliner. Well, we can't be having that! After all...where in the world would I sit if not in my recliner!! Haha!

So a couple of weeks ago, I picked up a cheap dresser. Once I got it home and get a good look at it, I knew it would be something I did silly stuff with; experiment with, or trash altogether. It has been sitting ever since.

Good thing it was only $5!

Today I finally decided what to do with the dresser itself and once complete it will serve a purpose here in my house. And lucky for whiny Pepe, it meant I would have a drawer left over for a kitty bed.

The drawer is in poor shape at best and I apologize but no before pics. It does have dovetail joints but they look to have been remade and whomever did it, did a poor job. Even better for my idea to make Pepe a bed!

 I slapped on a coat of almost no paint and some old knobs, tossed in an old towel and set it on my cedar chest. I have some yarn I am going to make a ball of to tie onto the knobs for the cats to play with and will cross my paws the darn cat stops whining and stealin' my chair!

I chose to leave the inside unpainted, because after all, it is just a cat bed. I also opted not to add legs although I did give it some thought. 

This cat is so spoiled he won't lay on the towel alone on top of the cedar chest. But once I  put the towel in the drawer, he clearly was instantly comfy and finally content! 

Pepe is about 7 or 8 years old. I got him when he was around 2, from my son who is who named this cat. Pepe was named after the cartoon skunk due to his white stripe down his back. My mom calls him a skunk because of that stripe too. 

I am still working on that dresser to repurpose it. Between some serious dental appointments, work and the intense heat, I am struggling to stay motivated to do much of anything. 

Thanks for being so incredibly patient with me! 

Be back soon!!!