Monday, May 12, 2014

A Patriotic Chandelier

I want to share my patriotic chandelier with you today! 

For me this was such a fun project! Not that it didn't have some struggles for me, but I learn everything the hard way. The worst was the jars, but I will get into that in a bit. 

My brother gave me a black chandelier when he was unable to locate the lights for it, last year sometime. I waited till inspiration hit me, and then went right to work. No pics of the before, because I was working, and stopping to snap a pic would have meant my motivation went out the door. But just imagine a wrought iron chandelier. 

After all the wiring was removed I primed it, then painted with white spray paint. I also had some red spray glitter so I topped off the white, heavy on the bottom, light on the rails leading up. Here is the bottom of the chandy with thick red glitter. 

Next, I sprayed the lids to 4 dollar store mason jars a bright red and let dry overnight. Once dry, I used E6000 glue to attach the bright red lids to the chandy. I picked up 4 tea lights at the dollar store to put inside the lids too. 

My biggest challenge was the jars themselves. I had 4 plain old dollar store mason jars, but I wanted blue jars. I turned to Pinterest for a way to tint them and found lots of tutorials. However, my first 3 attempts failed. Miserably! 

The Mod Podge was not sticking the the jars :( So I did what a lot of us do and tried again till I got it right. Of course this happened over the course of several days to give me time to slow walk washing and drying them...

During this time, I noticed that the jar I mixed the MP, food coloring and water in, had itself turned blue. So today I decided to not leave them upside down for long. I did not bake them upside down at all. As soon as my first two jars were covered, they went in the oven, right side up, and 7 minutes later I added the other two. 

They did accumulate a glob of glue in the bottom, so I am probably going to do this one more time to get it right, but I desperately wanted to share my chandelier today so here it is. Well, part of it anyway. 

I love the rich color of the blue! If you look really close on the left you can see the light coating of glitter on the bar going up. 

Overall, I am pleased with my makeover of an old tired chandelier, and the color scheme of red, white and blue just might make it a good seller this summer for a 4th of July celebration. 

Here it is hanging in my garage with the lights on. For added decoration, I put a white glittery star on each jar. 

This was my first attempt at remaking a chandelier so I would love to hear what you all can let me know by leaving a comment!1

Thanks for stopping by!!