Monday, April 28, 2014

A troubled project

On the eve of March 16th I decided to do a quick, easy project. Or so I thought it would be easy.

I wanted to have this done for St. Patrick's Day, but just managed to finish it tonight.

There were several things that went wrong with project. I was using my Silhouette Portrait, and when cutting the definition, there was a sticky substance from a previous project on the tip surrounding the blade, and in turn it pulled up all the letters as they were cut. I easily fixed that by cleaning the tip with alcohol.

Well, I ruined all of my black vinyl that night, so this project had to sit until I had more black vinyl.

Tonight was my night, more than a month later to finally finish my easy project. I loaded my vinyl on my mat, loaded it into my Silhouette, and using the new software update for the first time, I sent it to cut.

But the text was too delicate and the letters were peeling up with the rest of the vinyl. I couldn't sort them out well enough to save them. New sheet of vinyl, new font and cut again. This time it was great!

The definition was perfect, and it applied straight as I can get anything.

However, I then had to face the fact that the 'lep-re-chaun' and [lep-ruh-kawn, kon] was crooked. So I had 1 sheet of black vinyl left and decided to remove the crooked text and redo it.

This time, using the exact same settings and blade depth as I had just used for the definition, the machine cut through the backing. 

Now mind you, I was on my last sheet of black again, so what was I to do?

I peeled each individual letter and placed it on a different blank backing sheet. One by one. Letter by letter. 

Look close....
     Can you see it?

       Yep...that's right! Crooked as can be despite being a new cut.

I think the little guy was messin' with me as I placed each of those letters one by one! I swear it was straighter than that before I picked it up to apply to this project! Mischievous is right! LOL

Thanks for looking!