Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tidy Cats bucket turned trash can

I have dogs, and I have cats. My older cat has refused to go outside since we moved. Since I have always kept a litter box in the house for 'just in case', I have always used Tidy Cats litter.

Since moving into a slightly larger house, I found the need for more garbage cans, yet, without a job, had to find ways to cut corners. I also do not like tossing out these sturdy buckets. So I used a bit of fabric I have on hand, cut it to length and glued it onto my Tidy Cats bucket to dress it up a bit.

Now mind you, this is just a temporary fix, and it is for my bedroom.

From a cat litter bucket to bedroom garbage can!

I only glued the top of the fabric to the bucket, so I can either change it out, or add something under to better disguise the bucket since the fabric is lightweight and nearly see through. Not the fanciest fix, but definitely doable. Not only that, but the bucket didn't go to the landfill either, which is always a good thing!