Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 1 was okay

After yet another move, week one was okay.

I am not big on moving but this time, I had to come back to Oregon to help my family. I survived my first week back without a meltdown! To be honest I think it helps to have another roomie. That keeps my temper under control and helps me to see things logically.

So...I have a lead on a house to rent! It is cheap and believe it or not it is a decent house too, with a huge yard for my dogs. It is occupied at the moment, but the tenants are planning on moving, so I am trying to set this up to get me first in line to get it. That will help immensely. Having the space I need for myself and my pets will help to prevent future meltdowns too.

The best news is, I was contacted by an establishment here in town, offering to sell my painted furniture on consignment! Only 25% crafters fee. The lady had seen my Music Table on the town's classifieds on FaceBook, and offered. I think this would be awesome! I also offered to do custom order's, thinking if I do furniture other folks already own it might be easier than selling things I have to go picking for. I mean most people here already have what they need, so selling a dining table is tough. But I can paint their hutch of bedroom set and still make money.

Looking for work in January is a tough go. Especially when my folks and my brother have schedules that call for a driver most weekdays. So far, it has been an easy and very manageable, but if their needs increase, that is likely to change. This town shuts down or basically has a hiring freeze in the winter so I will be lucky to get anything, even part time. So drumming up some business doing what I love will help, not only bring in some much needed income, but to fill my time when not caring for family.

Meanwhile I am dying to break out my Silhouette and do something fun! Make some signs or do something creative! I just have to find the right time and space to do that. It is good therapy for me :)

Today is laundry day and housework, etc so I am off to get busy!