Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year~

Happy New Year dear Reader's~ 

I hope that 2014 will be one of peace and good fortune for us all. 

So how did you bring in the New Year? Hopefully not by making a 400+ mile move like I did! New Year's Day was spent loading a truck-a 26' truck no less, with all of my life's treasures again to move back to Baker City, Oregon. 

A week before Christmas my brother had another stroke, and the following Monday my dad got a notice that due to his medical condition, he had to surrender his driver's license. At that point I was not working in Washington due to weather, so my dad had been helping me pay rent, so he asked me to come back and help the family. I could not turn my back on them in their time of need, just as he did not turn his back in mine. While a lot of you probably saw my post about the struggle making the decision, on my Face Book page, ultimately, I ended up coming back here. 

This time it is for good, with no hopes of going back to Washington again for any reason but perhaps to visit my kids. I will be working towards rebuilding my life here in Baker. to do that, first comes a job. I have to find work so I can pay my bills. With unemployment extensions no longer available, I have no income at the moment. I do have a few painted items for sale but not nearly enough to support myself and my pets. 

Once I find a job I will be looking for a place to rent here. I have made it clear to my family that I cannot live with my brother for long. I need my treasures and my space for my well being or I will soon be useless to anyone. Amazingly enough, my parents and brother all seem to understand that much better than I expected. 

My brother is doing Much better than I was led to believe and will only require a couple hours a day of help with things like getting his laundry down the stairs and a few things like that until he is stronger to do it himself. I will also be the driver to get my parents around when they need help. Interestingly enough, writing that reminded me it is Sunday and their routine is to go out to breakfast every Sunday morning so my car is warming up and I am going to go get back later!