Saturday, November 9, 2013

Playing with spray adhesive

Okay, confession time here.....I do not sew!

Now that this is out of the way, I have had spray adhesive for months now but never used it for anything so I got a hair tonight to give it a whirl.

With the dark paneled walls in this mobile (rental), I am doing my decorating differently. I am trying to add light and color when ever possible. Easier said than done, I assure you. Given that this is a rental unit, I cannot remodel the place and that is bugging me, cause I want a bigger pantry-I have ideas! But I can't act on them. I want a different medicine cabinet, but am stuck with the triple door mess they have in here....all the things I dislike about this place I am stuck with.

Back to the Adhesive Spray...

So my son made a little shelf for me when he was in high school many years ago. He is 37 now, so he made this about 20-22 years ago! I always hang it in my living room, but it blends in and isn't very noticeable. Despite not sewing, I have a lot of fabric ( 2 sewing cabinets!) I decided to use a piece of fabric and make a background for my sons shelf.

I cut it to an estimated size. That's measuring here! Sounds crazy huh? Trust me, it is crazy. I grabbed my adhesive spray and glued the edges of my fabric, and made a rectangle out of it. Then, once I found my hammer, I used tack nails to hang it on the wall, with my sons' shelf in front.

Nothing fancy, but it works to make the shelf he labored over stand out a little more against those dark paneled wall. With better centering of the shelf it will be the perfect way to highlight a shelf made for me, so long ago.

Your comments always make me happy! Thanks for looking!