Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My Pallet Chalkboard

All I used was pallet boards and part of a sheet of MDF. A friend cut the MDF to the size I wanted, and I was off!

The pallet was an odd sized one, not standard. I found these odd ones on the roadside and inquired about them, loaded them up and brought them home. The other day I was thinking they almost look like frames, and the chalkboard idea was born.

I made sure my frame was in good shape, measured correctly, and fixed a crooked board or two. Then once my MDF was cut, I fit it into the frame that I had painted the night before. Then I painted the MDF with CHalkboard paint, let dry overnight and painted a 2nd coat today. I had already added the strips on top and bottom of the MDF to complete the frame.

Of course this was a rather bland chalkboard, so while my Silhouette was out for another project, I made a cuto apply to the chalkboard. That's it! Easy as can be...a simple project!

Now for the tough part...hanging it on my wall!! LOL

Update: The drill I borrowed from my buddy doesn't have the right drill bits to drill a simple ccouple holes in the chalkboard so I can hang it! I am sooooo disappointed! I won't be letting that get me down though, and it will be hung on my wall very very soon!