Friday, October 25, 2013

Where are we going?

My table asked me this today, I swear! I moved her out away from the wall when she asked. My answer? I have no idea!

That was the truth. I had no idea where I was taking this piece. I knew I wanted her to be light in color. It seems to be where I am stuck due to living in a mobile with dark panelled walls. I was thinking of how nice everything looks in AS Old White. But that wasn't exactly where I wanted to go with this lady.

To top it off, I neglected to take before pictures. It wasn't until I was working on her 8...yes Eight! legs, that it dawned on me, so I snagged a pic of a blank, ugly brown leg. (i promise I did some more dusting prior to paint! )...oh and the table is upside down at the moment too!

Luckily, I thought to take a picture of the colors I decided to work with. To the left is a color called Cowboy; to the right is Cream (that I used on my popular Oval Coffee Table) and in the center is a mix of the two.

A close up of the mix

After stirring both well, I used my stir stick to dribble the darker color into the lighter color and mixed away. I just wanted to take the brightness away, really. So here we are, although I am sure the mixture looks white as white can be here.

The legs are full of detail. I gave thought to taking them off so I could paint them one by one, but it was not to be. They are nailed and glued in place. This makes for quite a sturdy table, but does not allow for dis assembly to paint. Oh well!!

I started carefully applying the paint. At first the color still looked too bright, but once I had the opportunity to get a 2nd coat on a leg, I knew it was going to be wonderful. Not AS by any means, but certainly something I like!

I think after sanding and some wax, it will be just what I see ahead of us! 
At least now we know where we are going! 

This piece is far from done! I got a late start today and have a looong looong way to go. As I am painting legs, I am giving great thought to her top. Something that will make her stand out and give her a personality all her own, to go with her awesome detailed legs! Something that I have not tried yet ;)

Now... to go soak in the tub while my inner creative spirit is unleashed for more of this table....

Tune in again soon to see the final piece!