Saturday, October 26, 2013

Setting up my 'craft room'

It is the back bedroom in the mobile I live in and slated to be my craft room. Built in drawers which are nice to hide a lot of fabric; a cupboard over the drawers that house extra linen's/blankets/pillows.

I picked up a cabinet to store my paint in, for $10 (the black thing on the right). The drawers for it need support rails replaced, so one is sitting on top of the cabinet to decorate and houses miscellaneous stuff for now.

I picked up a nightstand(above) that I painted for $10. Nothing in the drawers yet, but I am not done yet.

My two crates I managed to bring with me from Oregon are being used to either store supplies or decorate with. One sits on top of sewing machine #2 in the corner.

And I have future projects in waiting next to this sewing machine

With a built in vanity, I chose to use it to display my favorite collections for the moment.
Yes, Piggy Banks, one for each grandchild; and my copper utensils. 

Sewing machine #1 is handy for setting my Washi tape collection, my little handy dandy tool set and a basket of bobbins and threads on. At the moment, I have not sewn anything with my machine. Have to relearn since the last time I touched a sewing machine was in high school, and I am 50something now ;)

 I have moved things around so they fit the room better, putting said sewing machine under the window for better lighting, and cupboard in the corner out of the way. Along the wall inside the door is my long crate that needs to be sorted out and a couple of boxes that need to be sorted and put away. I just can't face them right is sooo overwhelming to think I moved organized and it is all in such disarray! At least now I have a better idea of where everything is, other than the milk jug set I thought I brought but cannot find. It was so darned cute, but I can't locate it. That is so very frustrating!

The center of the room is reserved for painting things like this:

I am thinking I am suffering from a case of the lazies being it is Saturday because that's as far as I got today so far. Next up, I will be painting more on that table above for something relaxing and fun to do! I need to relax and enjoy something I like doing. 

My daughter is giving me a dining table and chairs to redo and sell so I better get busy!! Thanks for stopping by!