Monday, September 23, 2013

Internet Woes!

Just want to let you all know that I am still alive.

I am having Internet woes, due to living out in the country L I will hopefully know in a few days if Century Link is going to do right by me or not. They are telling me ‘I will be lucky to get service this far out’ despite the fact that my neighbor has it, from them! So time will tell. Thursday will be the day I know if they are going to hook me up or if I have to dig my heels in for a fight. I dislike having to do that, but I know they should not have a problem, and will fight to get my order completed. Meanwhile my access to the Internet is sketchy! I am using my tablet to hot spot (via Verizon) and it is slow, does not load pics well, and costs a fortune. I am also having issues with my cell phone, overheating and not holding a charge well, so I have a new one coming, thanks to my warranty, and because some Verizon people don’t know what they are doing, I also got a ‘power pack’ for free, although they failed to send it’s charger and instructions. I also dislike when people don’t take pride in their job and do it right, causing the customer an extreme amount of grief.

Meanwhile, I went back to work, full time. I wasn’t going to share this pic, but this is me, the first day I started with an old friend of mine on her job site.

The hours were excruciating the first week…11 hours a day. On my feet. After a year of no work and doing whatever struck my fancy! The day starts at 7am on the job; living in the country means planning ahead to have plenty of time to get to a job site. This one is an hour away, and we can’t get there at the last minute, so I am typically there no later than 6:30. So I get up at 4, leave at 5 or a little after and hope traffic is light. Then getting off work at 6 pm, and home by 7-7:30 and it is already dark. Ughh! But the money is good and makes the travel well worth it.
I have been working on my buffet in my spare time.
Here is the before.

And the now.

Definitely not finished. I just didn’t know where I was going with it, and between working and trying to find a new balance, felt like I Lost my creative streak. My biggest problem is deciding what I am going to do with that bottom part, where the veneer is peeling away. I still have not touched it, so that will be the last thing I do…I always do things backwards anyway, and this piece is not different.

I have a friend holding few pieces for me that I will pick up next weekend too. Smaller pieces that will be a breeze to do. I need to figure out how and where I will be organizing a craft room, and get that done. I think the need to work to be self reliant, financially, messed me up. I normally unpack as soon as I get into a new place, but my brother was here for a few days, then I worked my first day a mere week after arriving back in Washington. The owner’s of the mobile came to fix a leak, pest control came, yard maintenance came….getting a new place set up and working is busy. Then there is dealing with my pets…2 dogs n 2 cats…the dogs barking at horses; a nasty neighbor who was angry when I came to move in; you name it! Unpacking just hasn’t ever taken this long!

I will be back as soon as I find that new balance..and I do apologize for it taking me soooo long to get a post up! I cannot come close to expressing my gratitude for all of you who continue to stop by! It means the world to me to know someone still looks :)