Sunday, September 29, 2013

My personal Buffet

After moving back to Washington in late August, I discovered that the mobile I rented had very little storage and I was regretting leaving my buffet there. A friends daughter was selling one though, for a mere $15.00, so I snatched it up.

The very next week after arriving, I went to work so it has taken me what feels like ages to get this baby done. I had fallen in love with the one I did in Oregon and also wished I had brought it, and when I was lost for a color scheme to use on this one, I fell back on that color scheme to see if it worked as well. For the moment, this will do, but I do reserve the right to change it in the future.

At one point I tried to decoupage material in a green checkered pattern on one of the larger bottom drawers. It worked alright, but I think I needed a glossy Mod Podge, not the Matte. I removed the material, stripped that drawer down and repainted it. Maybe that was my excuse to use my most favorite paint ever…Pure Earth Paints! For this piece, I used PEP’s Champagne Ice for the base coat. I needed to lighten up my ‘new’ space and this did the trick! Then to add character, I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Luckett’s Green, very watered down, to make it appear to be closer to a water color. In some places I washed away the green to make it even lighter. Lightly distressed in some places and heavily distressed in random places combined with the washed out green gives my buffet more of a weathered look, while still being fresh and bright.

After waxing the top, I placed a faded runner on it, set up my microwave on that. I wanted another shelf on top but finances were running low so rather than trying to buy fancy legs I picked up 2 cinder blocks, painted them and propped a shelf on top for now.

The drawers contain every day silverware, utensils, tea towels and miscellaneous items like my gravy strainer. Behind the doors, I have room to store storage containers, my crock pot, and other small appliances that are not used daily. All of the hardware is new. I made the mistake of not double checking the measurements of the drawer pulls and found when I got home, that the big drawers take larger pulls. This means I will be making another trip to town to exchange them so this piece can finally be finished and functional. While it is not perfect, and not necessarily a piece I would offer for sale due to its imperfections, I have grown rather fond of it. This is the first piece I have actually kept! 

To be sure it has the used and loved look, this piece even has water drops and other 'stains'.  Distressing was a breeze with the paints I used,  and overall I like how it turned out. owever, I have failed to tackle the veneer at the bottom of the piece. 

Once the veneer is done and I exchange the handles, this piece will be 100% complete, finally! I wish I could have completed it sooner, but to be honest, I simply had no energy. 

I am now starting to find that balance so desperately needed to work and 'play' so hope to get some more projects done in the very near future! I also have a good internet connection, Finally, so I can post things as I get them done. Verizon Mobile Hot Spot is not only expensive to use on a regualr basis, but it is slow like old dial up! Definitely blog friendly! 

So watch out my friends, I will be back in the business of painting and crafting in noooo time now!