Saturday, August 24, 2013

Looky what I just got!

Hello Happy Readers! I hope this finds you all well!

I am happy and ready to get back to what I enjoy doing! That means projects and paint! I found that my kitchen leaves a lot to be desired, even for me who is totally not a cook. The cabinets are lacking in major ways and the drawers are not supported well, not lined. I cringe at the thought of putting silverware in these drawers!

I have been kicking myself for leaving my sideboard at my brother's in Oregon, however it was quite heavy and would take up a lot of space in the U Haul. was a good one for yard sales and After talking to an old friend, I went to their house and we went together. Not to a yard sale, but to my friends daughter's. She & her husband had a sideboard/buffet they needed to sell. I knew it would not be in great shape, but I also knew I can fix just about anything now ;)

Here it is!

Bet 'cha can't guess what this cost me! 
Awww... come on! Try to guess....

Oh cost $15.00
It has the potential for being a piece of beauty! 
The drawers are exactly what we all look for in a piece (although that word escapes me at the moment) and they need work too...look at the rough shape the drawers are in! 

This whole piece is in really rough shape.

I believe this will be my Big Challenge! The one that says I can really do this or that I am not too good at it after all.

It needs a lot of TLC which I am going to give it. Not to the best of my ability. I want to exceed what I have done to date! I want to excel! 

This buffet is for my personal use in my tiny sad little kitchen. It is going to be where I keep my silverware and utensils and tea towels and important kitchen items. I am also going to look for another cupboard that can sit on the top of it. One that I can use for glassware. Just every day drinking glasses and that kind of thing. There is no place to put them in this inky dinky little kitchen! 

So while I left my original buffet behind in Oregon, I have not only a cooler looking one here but one I can fix up and paint and make it just 'our' style! Being that I live in the country now, shabby chic will fit in perfectly! 

I can't wait to get started! Better yet, I can't wait to see the finished piece and how it turns out! 
This is going to be a lot of work but oh so worth it! Best of all, I am keeping this baby! It will be the first piece I do for myself! 

Now for a few decisions.....first of all, color! Being that I am now living in a mobile home with ugly brown paneling, I need something to lighten up my space. I have not decided where it will sit just yet, so that will be another decision to make in the near future. I am thinking something light, but not tan. The valance that the owner put in before I arrived have a linen tan color and burgundy in it. 

Some of the writing is also a gold tone so maybe that would be a good choice for this sideboard. I think that might add a perfect pop to brighten up the space and start bringing my own personality into this place at he same time. I really really need your input here and guess what?!? There is comment box below just for your input! What would YOU do with this worn and tired piece of potential?