Friday, August 16, 2013

It's almost time...

My dining room, or should I say my brother's dining room, is filling up fast, with boxes stacked up packed and ready.

All arrangements have been made for my new place! Dresser's are emptied for easier loading and trailer's will be picked up tomorrow. I will have a day and a half to fill them up. One 6 x 12 and one 8 x 4. My brother is hauling the bog one, I am hauling the little one; I will also have my 2 dogs and 2 cats with me.

Garage is sorted out to the best of my ability. Nothing is left hanging on my walls. Coffee pot, microwave, toaster and A/C unit will be last to go. It is almost time to tuck my tail and go home.

It's not for the lack of trying...I have looked for work for a year and during that year I got interested in painting vintage furniture. I was hoping to have it to fall back on. But a poor town can't even sustain a little home made business and it won't suffice during the winter ahead.

(Last winter)

In reflecting back on this year, I have much to be thankful for. Having this year with my parents is one I certainly value. I cannot express how much it means to me to have had the opportunity to spend a year with them. Helping them, enjoying their company. Getting along with my dad. That is huge because I never did get along with him as a teen or young adult. It has been great to know it was possible and to share precious moments with him.

Having time with mom was equally divine. While she is slipping away due to dementia, she still had her vivid moments, and it was a delight to see that shine from time to time. Listening to her stories from days gone by were touching and sometimes painful, but knowing she still has those memories to comfort her helps to know she will never be alone in there.

My relationship with my brother has been enormously boosted. We have a bond now that will see us into our days of old. We have had some of the craziest times here! From getting a washer and dryer and setting them up on the utility trailer and washing clothes out there. We called it our Hillbilly Laundry room! What a hoot that was!

I am grateful for the splendid bonds that will last me a lifetime. Without my brother's kindness to give me a place to live, this would not have been possible and I would have had to live with regrets. I will only be an 8 hour drive away so can come back often and can come back should there be an emergency. I am grateful my brother will be hereto handle immediate situations for our parents. Like he did when dad fainted and their water main busted when I was in Montana.

I am going to miss my family here in Oregon; from Tippy-mom and dad's little guy...

To seeing my nippy girl Nadia loving on my dad

And seeing mom actually enjoy Big dogs

I am going to miss my mom and dad....a LOT!

Looking forward, I have these precious moments to cling to as I conquer a new life back in Washington. Going back to work after a year of hanging out with my family will certainly not be easy! Yet it is a necessity of life and one I will take by the horns. I am going back to construction work where the money is good and can see me through the next 6 years until I can retire. While I am working and being self sufficient, caring for my pets and rebuilding my life there, I will continue to learn and paint and decorate. At 56 years young, I still have much living to do! I would love to open my own shop when I retire and share and teach all things good in this thing we all love so much!

With a new place to set up, my posts are likely to increase! It is a rather large property with a nice deck to enjoy my morning coffee on while the dogs investigate the passing smells of the night. We will be anxious to enjoy the space and views. To watch the neighboring horses and the moon light too! I am taking all that I have learned through all of you to a new home where I can incorporate as much as I can and of course you can follow me here to see it all come to light!

A new beginning is on my just 4 days! So follow along as I walk this walk to this new endeaver, new life and new prospects. Come along with me to my new home where the air is fresh and the view is stunning! And watch as I pull it all together in the coming months as I begin this part of my journey. This IS going to be an Awesome Chapter in my life!!