Monday, August 5, 2013

I am moving!

I had hopes last week of this being a post saying I have my own house right here in Oregon to be moving into.

That job this all hinged on? Not a word from them. Go figure! I am a 56 year old woman from out of town. (Even though I have been here for a year!)

That is not the case though. Dad pulled some dirty pool, and as soon as he saw the house, started planning on him and mom moving into it, "until I could afford it". Last Saturday, I saw the For Sale sign for this house was gone. I mentioned it to mom and she told me of dad's plans.

If that doesn't feel like being set up for failure, I don't know what does!

I was careful to avoid his calls all weekend for fear I would say something I would regret. And I spent a good deal of a beautiful weekend in tears over my own dad playing dirty pool on me, his only daughter. He has always favored my brother's, but this takes the cake. He recently offered to give my brother $5000 to pay his taxes, and when I said I didn't file taxes because I Owe IRS...nothing! It has always been like this though. Yet, his planning behind my back for them to take over a house I wanted, it crushed me to the core.

Soooo, with only ten weeks of unemployment left, I have to get it together. I have to scramble like the dickens to figure out what now, right? I gave up a cute little house in Tacoma (rented) and a good job to come here to be here for my aging parents. I have tolerated as best I can, living with my brother who has his own way of doing things and in that, being pretty miserable.

This morning, I called my old Union Rep and for a sum of money, I can be back where I was, in good standing, and can be right back to work. Within days of paying a simple $20, I can be back to work rather quickly. Not to mention that I know tons of people in my field that can help me get called to work.

I am going Home. Home to Washington state where there is work. Where my kids and grands are. Where I have a chance of being okay.

Being in tears for 3 days straight over my dad's actions against me is not healthy. I have to go to be healthy and happy. Guess I was a fool to think this would work out. At least I tried. I did everything my dad asked of me this past year, and the one job I did get, wasn't 'good enough' in his book, I guess. Either way, the continued bad treatment is unacceptable, won't change and I cannot accept it.

My brother is making arrangements to get a big trailer to haul my stuff back. When he told me I sobbed. I brought two trailers full of my belongings here and I am not taking it all back. I plan to sell my bedroom set-that used to be my paternal Grandmother's; sell my sideboard; sell anything that is not essential to existing when I first get there. A couple of different friends have offered to give us (my dogs, cats & I) shelter till I get back on my feet. Everyone is keeping their eyes open for a place for me to move into when I get there.

I will be back in Washington before September 1st.

My dad will likely be angry. He is right now. He called this morning and I felt calm enough to answer the call. After asking what my brother is doing and if I work today (I am on call after all) he asked what I am mad about. I told him that it didn't feel good to know he had set me up for failure and it was unacceptable. What he doesn't know is I am going home. That conversation will come with the next few weeks as I pack and prepare. But I am going where I can make my happiness again. Where my happiness does not depend on dad's iffy games or on a job I didn't get, but where I know I have a job and where my family and true friends are. And the fabulous Mt. Rainier!

During this trying time, my blog will suffer. I now have to focus on sorting out what I have, am keeping and taking. I won't be painting during this time. I won't be crafting.

Don't fear though, I am going to continue to paint and craft once I have my own place in Washington again! And I will blog, too. There is no way to keep me away from it now, I am addicted! I just need a minute (or a few weeks) to regroup and then I will be back with a vengeance! Painting, learning, creating, and getting back to my happy place!

Thanks for being great fans, and I hope to see you all on the flip side!