Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday morning Lovies! This is going to be a fabulous weekend!

So let's see...where to begin...

My brother spent last night w/his twin 20 year old daughters so it was my first might alone in this new place. I enjoyed it to the max! After living alone and in small spaces over the past 6 years, this is Heaven!

Night before last as my brother and I sat out watching the moon rising, my male German Shepherd, aka Handsome Hunk aka Zisso aka Bubba, heard the coyotes howling and for the first time, he howled! I have had home for almost 5 years now and it was the first time I heard him do this. The video is dark of course, but you can hear him going to town and my brother & I laughing at him.

My girl Nadia is settling in nicely, loving the space and behaving well too.

My old fat cat who is 13 finally got to go outside for a bit this morning. She is unsure about it all so wasn't out for long. The cats can go under the deck for safety. Keekers also saw horses for the first time ever and while she didn't get remotely close, she handled it well.

Please excuse the mess of totes on the deck. It will take time to get them all put away as I sort everything and find a place to store them. 

My other cat, Pepe, was driving me nutso last night because he is used to be out at night. I am scared to death I am going to lose him to the coyotes, but finally caved and let him out. He had been out earlier in the day to investigate so I left him out all night. This morning he was at the door to come in and is now sleeping in a bathroom cupboard. Good Boy Pepe! 

Since my brother was gone, I got a ton accomplished yesterday. Unpacking and getting organized. I have been doing a lot of laundry to get caught up and trying my best to get the basics done to make this a home. I am also fighting a butt load of flies, thanks to the neighbor not keeping her stalls clean. She has 10 horses and 11 dogs, 9 of which are German Shepherds. 

Before I ever moved to Oregon, m two dogs had an awesome relationship with my good friend John. This friend was with me when I adopted both dogs and they always adored him.So when we got back, that very first day, John came to visit. My dogs were thrilled to see hm again and I got it on video as seen below. 

Upon arriving here, I found a note from the owner and discovered that she had done some decorating for me. She put up nice new blinds in the front window, curtains (plain tan ones) in the other living room windows and cute country style valances on the kitchen windows. Here is the kitchen window

Every room has new curtains and everything is cute and cozy. The surroundings are quiet and will make for an easy time painting and creating with no disturbances. I have a limited amount of cupboard in the kitchen so will be looking for a few pieces of furniture, with hopes of finding a hutch. I am also going to be building my armoire that I have put off forever. 

Right now the back bedroom is the pets room. My dogs crates are quite large and take up a lot of space so by putting them in there it gives them room and saves my living room area for people! The little bedroom is full of boxes that need to be unpacked and sorted out, but with time on my hands it's no big rush. 

Off to change laundry and see what else I can get done!