Thursday, August 1, 2013

Changes on the Horizon and my secret revealed.

The post below is no longer valid. Either I jinxed it or it was a far fetched pipe dream. Either way, it is void.

Instead, I plan now on gathering my belongings, salvaging what I can, selling it off, and taking myself and my pets back to Tacoma. My current situation living with my brother and being here to care for my parents is not beneficial to my state of mind or my general health. The emotional roller coaster I have been on has created a bitter environment for me and I struggle to maintain my sanity here.

I will continue to work on crafts to the best of my ability until I move and after I get settled back at home in Washington, but my posts are likely to be sporadic until I can get moved back. I believe with all of my heart that moving here was detrimental to my well being and has caused more grief than it is worth.

Please bear with me while I regroup and relocate!


Hello ~

I know I have been slacking when it comes to my blog and I apologize for that. I am so grateful to all who read here and keep up on my makeovers! I have found that it is difficult to manage my time with Changes on the Horizon!

Many of you know that I accepted a part time/on call job. It was filling in for a cook, and last night was my last night. I am grateful for finally having the opportunity to work! I now have the option to continue working in the same facility doing other things, and I very well may pursue the training to do this. I will know more later today. The facility is for teens in treatment, recovering from alcohol and drugs and other issues. Amazingly enough, I really enjoyed this kids! I did 7 shifts in the kitchen, and found it heart warming to hear one of the boys tell me last night that he will miss me! How sweet is that!

Along with this opportunity, I also applied for another position at an assembly line type company. They cut the wood for windows. This is one of the better jobs in town, so of course, I am hoping to get it, but have to prepare for not getting it too.

Either way, working is cutting into my time doing makeovers. I have far less time, not to mention energy, to get projects completed. It is difficult to manage time with so much going on in one's personal life and working to boot! Since the beginning of this blog, I have had all the free time I needed to work on projects and blog about it.

And now for my secret!!!!

With the work schedule added to my days, there is also a Huge possibility that I might be starting to look for my own house. Provided one of the positions I am pursuing pays enough to provide me with the income to pay my bills. I have lived with my brother for a year, since moving to Oregon and have wished for a house of my own all the way. My parents are willing to help me get into a house, if I can pay the bills associated with it. We are not talking about renting here, but buying!!!!! I was reluctant to say anything about this for fear I would jinx it, but decided to tell you all, in hopes that you all can send a prayer that it can come true!

This possibility means more to me than you all will ever know! It means that first and foremost, I will have the space to live normally. I moved from a small house in Tacoma into an 8 x 12 bedroom in my brother's house. All of my things are basically still in storage, out in the garage. All of my crafting stuff is spread out all over the house, garage, upstairs, and my finished projects are in dad's garage. I feel so scattered and lost with my things everywhere but under my control. So getting a house of my own, would mean collecting myself. It would mean putting together my life in a way that would be organized, clean and all in one place for the first time in a year. It would be HUGE!

Not to mention the ability to finally decorate my own house the way I want it; to be able to paint my walls the colors I want them; to be able to continue my crafts and take them to sales over the Holidays and to fairs and other big events. Things I have yearned to do but felt I couldn't due to the scattered status. I have been dreaming about this point and time!

So please, my friends, pray for me to get the job that will make all of this possible. It has been far too long since I have felt complete!

I have an email in for an agent to send me listings of homes on the market here and hope to hear back from her in a few hours. I am not looking for a big house. Just a 2 bedroom, 1 bath. However, it must be fenced for these two...

And to be honest, I would like my OWN garage! After all, where would I work on makeovers without a garage?!

Here is one house that my dad is willing to look at

It is a nice house and fenced for my babies, but it doesn't have a garage. So I am going to continue looking and to follow up on the job leads to make this possible. 

The good news is, today I will get to finish up a few projects! Being that last night was my final night in the kitchen, I will be working away on the dining set and a dresser too. There is not much left to do on the dresser....add some decorations to it, put the new knobs on it and it will be revealed, hopefully later today!