Sunday, July 14, 2013

Plaques and my Silhouette

As you all know, I have a Silhouette Portrait now and I have been experimenting with making new things. Yesterday, I stopped at a yard sale and picked up some plaques for $1.50-$2.00 each~

What a score! Especially since living in a small town these would be incredibly hard to access without driving 120 miles round trip and then paying higher prices most likely. So I was thrilled to find these at the sale, AND the lady has more! 

So today I got busy with my experiments. I first painted one cream and black. Then I cut the bicycle file with my Silhouette that was included with the software. I picked a bronze card stock to use. 

Once it was cut and weeded, I applied a layer of Mod Podge to the plaque, followed by the design. I also wrote Enjoy the Ride in a font included with the Silhouette Studio, and placed them on the plaque with Mod Podge. I did this in two different steps, mainly because I am so new to using images from Silhouette and really was trying to be careful. 

Even from a distance, I can see where the tires and spokes of the bike crinkled as I applied my top coat of Mod Podge. Crooked spokes! I just didn't realize the MP wasn't dry enough yet for a top coat. 

So then I tried again with different colors and I think this one turned out much better, other than the black background....What was I thinking!!! 

You can see the first coat of Mod Podge is still drying here and once fully dry, I will give it a top coat to seal the designs and letters n place. I need to work on keeping my lettering uniform, but at least the spokes are not bent and crooked this time! 

So aside from my learning curve glitches, which one do you like best?