Sunday, July 28, 2013

Painting a Dining Table

I finally managed to start painting this dining table! By the time I got to it today it was already starting to cool down and get dark, and I have no lights in the garage so had to stop for the night.

I did the sanding last week. The top is no longer looking rough and beat up. I also did some sanding on the chairs, but they actually look pretty good and didn't require too much work, other than a few spots here and there. 

So, the color I am using is like this French Linen ... The light tan. I have plans for this table that I hope will knock your socks off! 

Due to working a real job now I have been slower than usual with getting projects started and finished and I apologize for that! 

Here is a sneak peek at where it is as of tonight! 

Keep in mine, this is just the beginning of a vision and there is lots more to come, so you will definitely have to come back very soon to see how it progresses. I don't have to work tomorrow so have high hopes of getting a good deal done, bright and early i the morning while it is still cool!

I also managed to wrap up my end tables, but failed to take a picture of them as well as did the touch ups on a dresser. Both of those need waxing or sealed, and the dresser needs knobs. So despite the heat and feeling lazy as always, I finally got something accomplished. Be sure to tune in again, to see those projects completed as well!