Monday, July 1, 2013

My First Silhouette Craft!

I finally managed to get some vinyl today and went right to work making my first craft.

Nothing extravagant, by any means, because I wanted something simple to practice with.

I messed up a little. you will see when you look at it.

First I downloaded the design from the Silhouette Online Studio and cut it out. The first word came out too small for what I was looking for though. I should have just made my own since it was so simple!

Several days ago, I sanded and painted my pallet wood in preparation of this project.
After making this simple cut, I tried to make the first word bigger to fit the pallet wood, and somehow managed to not get my vinyl lined up correctly, and I didn't catch it until after I cut that word again, so the top of the G is cut off :(  I also did not use the transfer paper, thinking it was just three simple words, how can I go wrong? Needless to say they are not lined up correctly! But it is what it is, and it will get better.

I had also tried my hand earlier at cutting out a stencil for stars and used that to make my flag painted on canvas. As you can see these two projects are sitting on a stand that I painted, but oh my, does it ever look sad! 

Here is a picture of my sad painting job. I just don't like the bright blue drawers against the burgundy, so it is getting something else later this afternoon. 

So there ya have it...the good that I tried; the I cut off the top of the G and the ugly...the stand.