Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

To my fellow Americans! 

Today is like no other! It is America's 237th Birthday. The day we celebrate our freedom and remember all who have given their lives for this freedom and show our Respect to those who give their all for us on a daily basis. This doesn't mean just our military, but also our police, firefighter's, hospitals and their employees, and any and all servants that make America tick! 

I am not having family over or preparing a big fancy meal this year. I am not going out to watch, or having any fireworks at home. Instead I am sitting quietly, reflecting on all we as Americans have to be grateful for. I am enjoying the peaceful morning and simply reflecting. I remember big moments in history. I remember those who have affected my life in positive ways. I remember my manners and how to show respect, and how to honor those who have earned the utmost.

As this day moves forward, I ask that each and every one of you take a moment to do the same. To reflect quietly and remember what America is about. 

It is not about any one of us but about ALL of us, as Americans. It is about those who have given their all, their lives, made sacrifices and continue to so, for the sake of our country and our freedom.

We do not have the right to bring harm to our fellow Americans. We do not have the right to harm our children. But we, as Americans, should hold ourselves to the highest standards, and embrace the love for which this country was built upon and which carries each Individual to Love our Country! 

As each of you go on about your day, please show respect to each individual who crosses your path as if that individual deserves out ultimate Respect. If we each do this, there would be no violence, no hatred, no battles for this day. If we all do this every day for one week, one month, one year, perhaps, just maybe, we can Unite as One and make our Forefather's Proud of us as an Undivided nation once again!

My Peace be with my Brother's and Sister's in this Land Of The Free!