Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A new Sewing stand, perhaps?

I picked up this sweet little stand a couple of weeks ago at a yard sale and the first thing I thought was that it looked like a sewing stand. With 4 drawers in it to hold all of your sewing supplies, like threads and patterns. Of course this would also make a cute crafting stand, for smaller projects, and to hold all of our crafts supplies like glues, glitters, scissors and the like too!

Once I got it home, dad and I got to looking and it is really two night stands put together to make this cute thing! So, I brought it to my house and began working on it. It needed to be sanded, drawers fixed, the back middle legs needed to be cut off because half of two legs do not make a whole and served no purpose. Once I got it all ready, I primed it since it was black. I also filled a lot of gouges in the top with wood filler. 

Then I discovered that the drawers were lined with contact paper. Rather than trying to peel it off, I painted over the layers of paint on that. It was so stuck it would never have come off. I swear this thing had at least three colors of paint already! 

So here is the nearly complete stand. Still need to wax and decide on new knobs for it. Will be complete in the morning! 

The little gal will match my end tables and a coffee table that I will be sharing with you all on Monday! 

I also experimented with my Silhouette and Mod Podge. I was testing to see if Mod Podge can be applied on top of vinyl because, well, I need to know! And what better way to know these things than to experiment?

The Mod Podge works well on this and ensures my itty bitty letters (I forgot to resize them) stays on the board. 

Next up, I am going to be prepping a dresser that needs a lot of sanding and priming and when I paint it, I will be using Pure Earth Paints! And their wax as well! I can't wait for it to come so I can play, and want to thank Melanie and Toni for sending it my way. Can't wait to see how the dresser looks when it is done and share with all of you wonderful people! 

Have a very Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your families, good food and have lots of FUN!