Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Upcoming Plans

Helloooo Fans and Followers!

I am here to share my upcoming plans! It isn't going to be anything overly fancy this week, sadly. I am catching up with correspondence; emails, mail, bills, and shopping for the house. I had to go grocery shopping today, if I want to eat this week!

But I do have 3 little tables, that I have barely had time to take pictures of, that are going to get painted this week.! I can't wait to get a paintbrush in my hands again! And I have to finish up my custom build as well as find out why the hutch I sold at my yard sale hasn't been picked up yet.

Here is one table I just got from a proxy bid I put in at the last Auction I went to here at home.

Thursday I hope to hit the Auction too. Today I finally got to go into the Collectibles shop but I didn't get to stay long due to the owner being on her way out. I just happened to drive by and see the door open, so dashed around the block and caught her. She was kind enough to let me peek inside, but was clearly not prepared to stay too long. She has LOTS of goodies in there that I would DIE to bring home and fix up!

Here are a few things I picked up at thrift stores on my trip.

A tiny little basket that was too cute to not buy for a dime.
A Silver Platter and stretched canvases:


And bigger baskets

My daughter gave me this overhead light fixture when I helped her clean out her garage. It reminded me of vintage like things we love so much and I thought maybe my brother could find a place to install it in our house because it really would fit in with his scheme here. 

Two of my little tables are beyond vintage and are at my dads house. I will probably go get them tomorrow and begin working on them. They are in dire need of new life without a doubt. I want and need to get my hands on some new projects to get ready for the fair here next month! I am sure I will have lots to share and will have fun getting there!

Today just has to be dedicated to catching up, cleaning, unpacking and getting back into my routine. After traveling about 4,000 miles in the past 12 days, through 4 states and back, I am beat! I can say that my dad is doing quite well since getting his pacemaker in yesterday! What a relief this is! He should be able to avoid any more fainting spells, and in the next few weeks I am sure I will be taking mom grocery shopping, and dad to Doctor appointments for follow up appointments. He will get his stitches out in about 10 days or so. We will not know when he is allowed to drive again for 4-6 weeks. This means I will have my hands full with caring for him and mom on top of trying to paint and get back on track.

So please stick with me for just one more day and I will share what I can as soon as possible!!