Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oval coffee table

I brought my Oval coffee table home from dad's to work on at home today. So far I have sanded it down, wiped it down and will do some more sanding to obtain a smooth surface. There is one deeper gouge in the table top that will affect the overall outcome of this table but it will not take away from the character of the piece, only add to it.

I have not picked out a color yet, and only know that it will be home made chalk paint, at this point. I would LOVE to add a beautiful design to the table top itself when it is all painted, but not sure what I should choose.

Therefore, I am giving all who read this blog, and my FaceBook Page, to chime in with suggestions! All I do know at this point is that I can see this piece being not only a coffee table, but a focal point of a beautiful room and the topic of conversation. At this point I do not intend to add a glass overlay on this piece, so my finished work should also be water resistant.

Every suggestion will be taken into serious consideration! I am not in a major hurry to complete the project, and in 2-3 weeks will also have a Silhouette Portrait to help me to recreate this piece, making a thing of beauty once again. Perhaps a floral design with Mod Podge? These decisions are always the most difficult for me to make, and equally difficult to carry out! My vision for a piece never seems to match the finished product, so I am counting on  creative bloggers and friends to guide me with your ideas!

Ready? Set? Go!