Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My world of Bloopers

In my world, I create so many Bloopers that all I can do is laugh at myself. Like on Sunday morning, for example....I was to pick up my mom and dad to go for their normal Sunday morning breakfast and in true blooper form, I somehow managed to put my T-shirt on inside out and backwards. No one noticed, or if they did, nothing was said. I discovered my Sunday morning Blooper all on my own after returning to mom and dad's, as I was playing with their dog, and attempted hiding his Milk Bone biscuit in my shirt pocket. To my surprise, the pocket wasn't there, but on the opposite side, and on the inside! I was, of course, instantly embarrassed and as I went to correct it asked mom, "why didn't anyone tell me my shirt was inside out?" To which my dear mom laughed and laughed! I have learned in the past few months that she is not very good at keeping secrets and should have know this would not be kept quiet either. Later that afternoon, I picked them up again, to bring them over to our house and dad innocently says, "I see you still haven't changed your shirt!"  He caught me by surprise for a moment, and then we were all cracking up.

So on to today's blooper!

I have been mixing home made chalk paint for months now. Thinking I was getting good at it too, I was! Last night, I had decided to paint the legs of my end tables white. As it turned out, I didn't like the stark white I used, so today I was trying another white. I was so engrossed in my thoughts, that I missed a very important step! Yes, that's right...I forgot to mix in the non-sanded grout! As I was painting away, I was thinking, what the heck...this isn't working well at all...and I was on the last leg...yes, the 4th one, before it dawned on me exactly why it wasn't going on so smoothly! Ackkk! Luckily, it was the first coat, so for the second coat, I was sure to amend my wrongs, but holy moly! Then it jumps out at me that I also failed to mix the grout in last night's batch so I now have to take the table apart to re paint the middle legs too! Good one, Bev!! I am not big on twitter, and don't know how to tweet to save a fly, but I seriously feel like  #whereismybrain and #disconnectedfromreality

So these two little tables that should have been finished last night are not going to be finished till tomorrow morning. I am taking the rest of today to recuperate from what feels like a sudden kidney infection and drinking good stuff to flush my system. (Sorry for the overdose of too much information!)

One thing you, as my reader's can always count on, is my open honesty about how I mess things up. Just like my stencil fail, and all the other's!