Friday, June 7, 2013

Introducing a Simple Table

Tonight, I am introducing a simple table.

Painted a pale yellow, with a beachy bluish gray trim and one simple stencil in one corner.

As much as I wanted to do something more to decorate this piece, it was screaming at me for a calm and easy design, much like it was built. I had the yellow left over from a project in the beginning of my exploration into painting pieces; I had made home made chalk paint. I also had some home made chalk paint in the bluish gray beachy color. So I used these two colors and added the stencil in the corner, to give it just a pinch of extra life.

There are times as I look at the pieces everyone else does these days, I ask myself if I truly like how bus it is and there have been a few that, honestly, were just too busy for my tastes. I am a simple woman, and know I am not alone. Some patterns bother my eyes, and sometimes I feel that the busy decorations take away from the beauty of the items displayed on the table top. 

This table will look nice in most any scenario, be it on the deck or in the living room to brighten up some ones decor. I believe it will also leave room for someone to add their own personal touch without the painting a design taking away from that. 

What say you??