Sunday, June 2, 2013

Home At Last!

Yes, I am home at last! But only for the night.

I left Washington state early this morning, making a drive of over 400 miles back home to Oregon today! It took about 7 hours. I was totally dreading it. I didn't want to leave my kids and grands again. I didn't want to make the drive alone. It really isn't fun to take long trips alone. No one to visit with along the way. And I absolutely dreaded driving through the Blue Mountains. But I made it safe and sound, just as if it was a normal thing for me. In reality, this was the first time I made the drive either direction alone.

Upon arriving back in town, I stopped to check on my parents, then at the store for smokes ( I know, I should quit!) and then finally on home to see my dogs! hey knew the moment I pulled up that it was me, and were quite excited to see me back!

If I weren't so rummy/halfway dizzy from the drive, I would be tempted to paint something! But this evening will be dedicated to resting and relaxing with my pets. I have to be up early tomorrow morning to take my dad to Boise Idaho. He is scheduled to get a pacemaker tomorrow. Mom and I will spend the night at a motel and then bring dad home the next day, barring any complications. This trip will be a breeze as it is only 128 miles each way and I will get a break overnight. Today's drive was 450 miles. Montana was 1100 each way.

Overall, it will make about 4,000 miles in the matter of 12 days or so. I left on May 23, and will be home for good on June 4.

My dogs were happy to see me and will likely be not so happy when I leave again tomorrow. My parents little dog was full of excitement to see me today! Silly boy. My kitties were happy too. Right now my girl Nadia is laying at my feet. Both of my dogs have been attached at the hip to me...if I go towards the door, they are not letting me go alone!

I have some projects that I will start as soon as I get back from Boise. 3 cute little tables and some planters and other things to do. So be sure to keep an eye open for coming posts. They will be adorable!!