Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Farmhouse Buffet Reveal!

I am thrilled with my Farmhouse Buffet, and how it turned out!

I wanted so badly to post it yesterday when it was half way done, but resisted the urge so you can see it completed. This was definitely a vintage piece and had the markings to prove it. I sanded everything from top to bottom extremely well, and only a small portion of the nicks and gouges came out. The rest are still there to show its true character.

Yesterday, I cheated and shared the halfway shot with my fans on FaceBook. This is that shot.

I work in my dad's garage and don't care much for being there when he naps, or it is dinner time, etc. So I managed to get one more coat of paint in this before it was time for me to come home for the day. By working in sync with mom and dad's schedule's, it takes me longer to do a piece than the rest of you. I am sure most of you would have had this done in one day...it took me two. 

When I was sanding the drawers I found a surprise. I thought it was neat because of the color I had picked out for the final coat of paint. Can you see it? That was under the mound of dust on the top of the drawer as it opens. 

So, without teasing you any longer and because I am super excited about this piece and how it turned out, here is my Farmhouse Buffet! Of course, it just had to start raining just as I was finished and ready to take pics, so I had to take them in the garage, and my phone didn't focus clearly for this shot. I am working on that issue, trying to get a better camera! This is Miss Mustard Seed's Luckett's Green, that I have been saving for several months. 

A close up

And look at the skeleton keyhole! 

The pictures do not do this justice at all. I can assure you, this looks so nice in person!

This piece came with absolutely no hardware, so I picked some up today to complete the project. With one drawer missing, I grabbed a basket to put on the shelf where the missing drawer belonged. Dad helped me replace a nasty old piece of plywood that was there and I painted the cubby. 

I left the paint chips to match the deep scratches and gouges, and waxed it all with clear wax, although there are a few places with a little touch of antiquing wax in there too. 

Here is what it looked like Before

I would like to think that my pieces are improving with experience, but there is no way for me to know without hearing from all of you out there, so please, leave your thoughts....the good, the bad and the ugly, in the comment box below!

Thanks for looking!!!

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