Friday, June 28, 2013

Black and Decker Mouse Sander Review!

*This is Not a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own*

I am happy to say that the Black and Decker Mouse Sander is a wonder tool!

I am not able to handle the larger sanders, as they make my hands cramp up and once that happens my hands are pretty useless the rest of the day. My dad let's me use his belt sander, and I have used my brother's orbital sander. Both have given me hand cramps and therefore the results have never been what I wanted. So I needed something powerful yet compact enough for my small hands to manage easily. 

Enter my purchase of the Black and Decker Mouse Sander. 

This baby can do it all. Or at least all I have thrown at it so far! It has attachments you can change out for tight places, say between the rungs in a chair, or for corners,  and it can easily smooth just about any surface you need smooth. 

Today I put it to the test on pallet wood. My oh my! Was I ever happy! 
I want to make some signs and this sander took the surface of the wood down to perfection in a mater of minutes. One of my biggest problems with pallet wood is getting slivers. I used my mighty Mouse to sand the edges and corners of all my pallet boards and this baby hummed right along, taking all those ugly splinters off with speed and accuracy. Best of all, I can still type! I only did my pallet boards a few moments before I began writing this post! 

The other day I was sanding a piece I picked up at a yard sale, and again it amazed me with it's power to get the job done. I will be posting that piece in it's finished state tomorrow morning! 

My next challenge for this tool will be sanding for distressing a piece. I haven't had the opportunity to test the waters there quite yet, as I am having so much fun doing other things with it. Talk about fun though! I am Loving my mighty little Black and Decker Mouse Sander and the results it provides!