Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Denmark end table...and staging practice

As promised, I am here to share my Denmark end tables. Well, one anyway. The other is still upside down while the legs dry completely.

I am also beginning (a little late is better than never, right?) to pay attention to staging. I have been reading and taking in all I can regarding staging and picture quality, so in these few photo's, I have done a bit of editing and staging. It would be ever so helpful to hear your feedback on my work!

I just love these little milk jars and the basket they came in. I scored them recently at the auction. 

I am slowly building my collection of things to stage with. It has not been easy here as everyone seems to want a fortune for their things, even in the little thrift stores these days. Of course, my next challenge is finding a place to stage that is at least semi clean as the renovation of our house continues. Hopefully someday, I will feel like I am not a bad representative of the DIY world and be able to display items of pure beauty like all of you. but for now I am working with what I have and working towards that goal. 

Feedback in the way of comments will help me learn and improve as well as make me smile!

Have a Blessed Day!