Sunday, May 12, 2013

Wrap up of my sale!

My Hutch,
transformed into a beachy feel with fabric in the top 3 doors, was a big hit yesterday. I could have sold at least two of them. The people who bought it were the nicest people ever! The lady debated and they discussed where they would use it, how it would
fit, and her husband handed me the cash on the spot. They live in Idaho. They left the Hutch with me and will come back in two weeks to get it. During that time I will paint the inside the same color as the outside. I was going to charge extra, but didn't have the heart. They truly were the neatest people! Since I am also trying to build my business, I think this is a good way to go by being 'cheap and easy'. haha! They were happy with the piece and that goes a long way!

I believe it was probably their daughter who bought Grandma's Mirror

She also was thrilled, and plans on using it in her garden. I would love to see how it looks when she is done with it. I have her contact info, due to the hutch couple; if I am done with the hutch and need it moved out earlier than two weeks, I can call her and she will get it moved. 

My stenciled table attracted another ladies attention quickly.
She started to leave without it but came back and took a picture to send to her hubby. She was also a very neat lady. She had such an awesome enthusiasm for my work. She is the one who expressed an interest in sharing a booth at the Miner's Jubilee in July and I think that is a fabulous idea! Her hubby does oil paintings and loves to work with wood, so there is great potential for partnership with this couple!

Curvy desk
Sold before anything was even set out. I believe this gentleman helped dad set the rest of my things out. I was putting up two strategically placed yard sale signs and headed over to dad's house, and when I arrived dad handed me cash. I was looking for curvy and put 2+2 together when I didn't see it. This piece was one I was looking forward to working on, but it sold without me even touching it and I doubled my money. As it turned out the gentleman who bought this beauty is the owner of the Antique shop here in town! I accidentally discovered this when I went to his shop yesterday after I had to close my sale, due to lack of items to sell. 

My little Spring planter sold quickly too. 

The last large piece to go was the old farm desk that I transformed. I could have sold this one at least twice, as a young man came with a friend specifically for it only to find that it has just sold. 

The young man asked if he happened to locate a desk he liked if I would be willing to paint it. I quoted a fair price, with his choice of colors and we exchanged phone numbers. The young lady who bought it is going to use it for her sewing projects. 

All in all I was more than pleased with how this sale went. The large pieces were sold in the matter of two hours! That left very little and a lot of disappointed yard sale shoppers. 

I had a couple of ladies inquire about chest of drawers so I ensured them I will be sure to get some in and they should check back and be sure to come to my next sale. 

My parents are now believer's that my adventure in painting furniture is a good one. That is vital to my success as well. They will certainly become pickers, as is my brother. If all goes well, I just might need a storage shed or shop to work out of sooner than expected. I will be looking into getting business cards printed up and the possibility of a business license in the near future as well. 

Due to this being my first big sale and the manner in which everything happened so fast, I was on a Cloud 9 I had never experienced before, and after a few hours I kinda crashed. I was tired but elated all day. It was an awesome validation of my work and vision for this community to enjoy a unity with after 9 long months on uncertainty. 

Most importantly, I want to thank every one of you who visit my blog, who inspire me and who encourage me along the way to reach this wonderful point! Without all of you, I certainly would have tossed in the towel a ways back and settled for a minimum wage job and being less than happy.