Thursday, May 2, 2013

What attracts you to guest post for others?

I am curious, what attracts you or what compensation you receive to guest post for someone. This is an area that, as a relatively new blogger, I know little about. Is the blog you guest post on, one of high volume? One that you are friends with the owner, one that best represents what you enjoy?

The reason I am asking is that
I am going on a vacation at the end of May to see my oldest Grandchild Graduate from high school. I have always wondered about getting a guest poster on board but never knew how to approach it not had a good reason. I am going to be gone from May 23 to 31.

My trip is going to be fun. First I am driving up to Washington state to my son's house where I will stay over night. The next morning, my son and his family and myself, will leave for Montana! My grandson lives in a town way up in the northern corner close to North Dakota and Canada. 1100 miles!  The best part is that my son will be doing most of the driving and I get to take lots of pictures and enjoy the scenery. I have never been to Montana and must say I am so excited to have this opportunity.

I am taking my laptop, especially since I just scored this very clean, nice bag that it fits perfectly in!
I stopped in at the Salvation Army today just to look around and found the bag for a mere $3! Funny things is I used to have this identical bag until just a year ago or so. Lots of pockets, for not only my laptop, but my cell phone, tablet and all the chargers, as well as any other electronic type items I decided to take, like zip drives, etc. 

Anyway, back to the guest posting....what attracts you or motivates you to guest post? I know there has to be a perk or two and am interested in learning more about it. If you were invited to guest post on my blog in my absence would you be inclined to accept? 

Curiosity kills the cat, so leave a comment!