Monday, May 13, 2013

Washi Tape and I ..and another First!

Washi Tape and I are destined to become great pals!

As you all should know due to a previous post, my first Washi Tape project was just last week. Someone commented that it can be dangerously fun. I am about to experience that first hand, and I am so very excited! just did a Giveaway of 50 rolls and today it was announced that I was one of two winners! This was another first for me in the sense that it is the first Rafflecopter I have ever won.

I can't even imagine 50 rolls! Other than looking at this photo! But in my possession?!

So needless to say, I have projects on the Horizon with the first being making a dispenser for it. Or a way to contain and not lose them! I think probably that would be best. A cute little box to hold them all in, so they don't roll away to lives of their own because...well, I am good at losing things! My first two rolls were misplaced lost for days!

Aside from making a box to hold them, my first project will be making something for my fabulous Mother's birthday which is May 23rd!

So thank you DownTownTape! My love affair with Washi Tape is being fed and there are fun projects ahead!