Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Today's Makeover...a Stencil Epic Fail x's 2!

I decided to rewrite this post because it was U.G.L.Y!

Yes, it was already published but I went into the editor and wiped all the ugliness away.
 I was using milk paint to stencil. Bad idea! What a sloppy
And I don't learn easy. I thought I just had too much paint on the pouncer. So I washed the table top all the way down to the original surface and tried again. Fresh black home made chalk paint, fresh thicker milk paint. And the results were Scary!

But I am a determined kind of person. So I did it again. This time I broke out the acrylic paint and mixed my own color. I wanted it to pop against the black.  photo IMG_20130501_162553_299_zps9d8e8903.jpg

Better, yes?

So now I will have to do something different than planned. I am not sure about waxing on top of acrylic paint. And clearly I should move the stencil over and keep on going to the edge. I wasn't planning on doing that or I would have started it on the edge of the table top. I am terrified I will mess up the rest, and that I won't be able to create the same color.

To be honest, this is not only my first stencil work, but I couldn't make out the fact that the stencil itself was cut off on the edges. My eyes didn't serve me well on this intricate design, I guess.

A few more pics to finish this one off.

I painted the front of the drawers on this piece with MMSMP's milk paint. After much thought, I am going to leave it as it is. Another coat of wax will finish this piece and it will be ready for a new home!

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One More Update!
After completing the stencil, I could see there were parts I should have skipped, on the right. So this morning I thought if I framed the stenciling, it might not be so obvious. Just one of those things that strikes me days later.

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