Saturday, May 11, 2013

SOLD OUT! Doing a Happy Dance!

I feel like I am walking on cloud 9 today! My sale technically started at 9am, but folks were flocking dad's house before 8, and my beautiful curvy desk that I never touched to restore or paint was sold before 8. I doubled my money on it.

This was my day for a well advertised yard sale to see if any of my furniture makeovers would go well here. Not only did it go well, but I sold out!  At least all of my big pieces sold! I had some shutters, the twin head and foot boards that gave me fits awhile back, a picture frame and my telephone table left. I forgot completely to take the miscellaneous stuff out of my car to sell it!

I also made a few connections for future deals. I met a lady and her husband who were thrilled with my little black stenciled table and she was talking about maybe sharing a booth at the Miner's Jubilee this summer. Another gentleman came to buy my milk painted desk, only to discover that it had just sold. He asked me if he found a desk he liked, was I willing to paint it. Of course I said yes, and I quoted him a fair price.

I made a profit on every piece I sold (of course) and only one person talked me down on any prices. One fellow told me my prices were too low! The couple who bought my hutch are thrilled and I volunteered to paint the inside of it, with their choice of colors. They want the same color inside, and I have two weeks to wrap that up. If I finish earlier I can call their friend here in town and she will see to it that it is moved. She is the lucky lady who walked away with Grandma's Mirror, and she is going to use it in her garden! The hutch will be going to Idaho and will be filled with pool towels and accessories.

So now that I have seen what the market is like for my area, I know what direction to go with this and will be pursuing this farther. I have lots of things I would like to do, lots of ideas for more crafty and fun projects to work on.

Best of all, this has made a believer out of my folks. They have been quite skeptical but the fact that I walked away after two hours with $250 in my pocket, dad made $125 by selling a generator and mom made $15 (but I gave her $30) we are all happy.

The next best feature of selling out so early is that the Antique Shop here in town is open so I am going shopping!