Wednesday, May 15, 2013

More little easy!

I would like to share my little signs with you. 

I am waiting for Mod Podge to dry so snapped a photo real quick. As usual, my staging leaves a LOT to be desired due to house reno that is ongoing. 

Last night I shared my Welcome sign Here and this morning I have been working on more. 

This is easy and fun to experiment with. There is no 
way I could ever do that fancy calligraphy and all so the stickers, while they are clearly stickers, make this a simple project, bar any oopsies!

The 2nd from the top with the pink background, had an oopsies, but it was easily remedied, thank goodness. The boards are so thin that I still need to find better staples for the job. I will be wrapping the edges of each board with various ribbons and ropes and twines to give them each and individual look for each special family member they will go to. 

Aren't they simply adorable?