Monday, May 6, 2013

Dear Deer~

It is finally the time of year for the deer to come down into town. They will be here till September at least. I just love watching them as they wonder around, grazing. Today was the first time they came by our house for the year, that I have seen. Of course I just had to grab my camera to get a few pics.

This is right across from our house and I was standing on my front porch. 

They will likely be back every few days for months now. I was lucky enough to have just kenneled my dogs so they weren't out barking at hese two. I can't wait for them to bring their babies around. Last year a baby had jumped the neighbor's fence and it's mama was at the fence watching over it. What an adorable scene that was!

I will share more as the summer months arrive!

In other news:
I am currently not working on anything. No projects ...nothing really. 
I have one custom build to complete, but other than that, no painting. 
This is due to the fact that I am catching up on bills and getting ready for my trip to Montana. Gotta save every penny possible for an 1 mile trip and an 18 year old's Graduation! 

It is likely that in two days or so, I will get the materials needed for the custom build and get it wrapped up, so I should be able to share it this weekend sometime. Until then, there is plenty of yard work and other mundane things to do around here. Our kitchen sink won't be until tomorrow so tonight my brother is buying dinner! Whoohooo! 

Oh and my minivan is in the shop. I had the oil changed last week, and they also vacuum and wash the cars they do...all for $35! But today it is getting clean tranny fluid and filters, all the important stuff. 

That's all for now! 
See ya on the flip side!