Friday, May 3, 2013

Clean Blog=Happy Blogger! Plus kitchen reno update.

I am a happy Blogger tonight.

Did you notice that things look different?

I wish I had rearranged sooner, it looks so nice! All of my links to Pinterest and Facebook are on the left now, and links to parties and such are on the right, with my favorite blogs listed under my posts. My only wish is that I was savvy enough to know how to make my ads for AdSense not ALL be related to vacuum cleaners...but eventually that too shall be worked out. 

So is my blog a bit easier to navigate? 

I also want to share a sneak peek of our kitchen has been a slow go and long overdue to be wrapped up. The counter tops Finally arrived a few days ago and our dad has been chomping at the bit to get them installed. My dear brother really doesn't want dad to be here when he puts them in, so this created a major stall. Tonight the first of the counter tops went in. 

Above you see the corner where the counter tops are connected with some sort of black glue. My brother, Rod, is still waiting for it to cure so he can clean that up, and he will put a cover over the outlet, of course. The back splash is actually some of out linoleum that was left over and he decided not to waste it, but use it as back splash. We shall see how it cleans up!

Below you see how it looks up close and 'in person'. That is how we see it every day. Probably one of the best pictures I have managed to take to date! 

Personally, I am pleased with the outcome. It means we have real counter tops that will be easier to maintain, as opposed to the old counter tops that were mismatched and uneven while we waited for the new stuff! 

As soon as the sink side of counter top is in, I will write up a post with beautiful pictures of the completed project. That might just take another month at the rate Rod works trying to avoid dad's help! 

What do you think? Would you use linoleum for back splash?