Friday, April 26, 2013

Today's Sneak Peek!

I am simply dying to share my hutch project with you all, and while it is not quite done yet, I have decided to share a Sneak Peek!

Whenever I work on a project, I try to envision if it is going to look like something I might buy if I were  shopping for something like it. I had NO vision for this piece when I started, other than I wanted it to be a smokey gray. I am using home made chalk paint, so when I got my latex paint home, it was lighter than I anticipated. Nothing to panic about though! I went to work, and here is the sneak peek of what I came up with. Personally, I am liking it, and think it will be beautiful when complete!

This was a quick photo I snapped on my way out. Mt parents were going to lunch, and I opted to come home for a bit ... to post this. 

Check back this evening after 6pm, PST, for the complete Reveal! 

The hutch is not going to be finished tonight. 
One of my plans for the lower doors turned out to be an epic fail :(

The lesson I learned today is this: 
Do not try to decoupage on top of freshly waxed surface! 
At least not the way I did it. Thsat may have also been the problem. I was trying to reduce the amount of space on the waxed surface that was covered in Mod Podge, so I covered the back of the picture. Then I placed it on a freshly waxed surface. It bubbled. And bubbled some more. 

I had to remove the pretty paper, sand my surface, wash off glue, which was much easier than I expected, and repaint and re wax. 

The good news is that as soon as it was re painted and waxed again, when my mom came to see what I was doing, she could not tell the difference between the one I messed up and another door. All of the doors can be hung in the morning and then I will post the final project. 

My apologies for the delay.