Monday, April 15, 2013

My first little Chalk Paint project.

I have to say, I am thrilled to have a sample of Chalk/Clay Paint from the American Paint Company! It was included in an order of wax, which I am equally happy to have. The wax is an off brand that they helped me out with. The paint is their Turquoise Blue. There is no doubt in my mind that I want to order more paint from these folks. I called Orphaned Decor, located in Spokane WA last Friday because I needed wax for that big desk. David answered the phone, and took my order. I mentioned that I have not had the opportunity to use real chalk paint yet and he sent me a sample with my wax order!

It was so exciting to have real chalk paint, that I basically grabbed the first thing available to check it out. I had just been thinking I wanted to paint this napkin holder anyway, and then there was the paint on my doorstep! I even forgot to take before pictures of the napkin holder. Oppps!

Waiting for paint to dry:
(please excuse the horrible table needs sanding and my brother has been busy)

I gave the napkin holder a quick coat of paint and waited for it to dry, waxed it and here it is in a pretty, happy and fun color! I have the salt and pepper shaker's for this set and want to do them in white for a little more fun, and maybe try drawing a little flower on each. Do you see that shine?! I applied the wax, and buffed it right away. Took just a few minutes.

At any rate, the wax was so easy to work with, smells great, and I know where I am doing business! Great people and a great product. I have only had the wax for an hour. Of course now I get to take the napkin holder apart since I found screws to do so and do the inside, but I really am just so excited to tell you all about Orphaned Decor and American Paint Company!

Did I mention I am over the top thrilled to get to try real chalk paint? 

Thanks for stopping by!