Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Imagine that!

Just a silly little post here. Not furniture or craft related in any way.

Being a newer blogger, I was just fiddling with my settings. I knew I had other pages, but never figured out till just a few minutes ago that I could put their links at the top of my page! Funny, I know! Here I am feeling all proud of myself because now I can categorize my posts! I mean who knew!!!! Yep...probably all of you blog savvy ladies ;)  Wonder what else I don't know about how to tweak my blog!

Anyways....Thank you to all who liked my Facebook page via the Facebook Frenzy Hop! And if you haven't found me yet on FB you can find me via my my home page here!

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone as I pursue my dream to be better at pianting furniture and developing my skills. Who knows, maybe I can turn this into a business after all!

Have a Blessed afternoon and evening, all!