Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Creative legs

Remember the old desk I did a couple of weeks ago?Well, the wood so pretty brittle and the legs were really brittle. It was as if it had never been cared for in any way. So I needed to do something for the legs so the don't splinter; I moved the desk once and a piece of the leg splintered which was what drew my attention to the problem.

I searched this itty bitty town high and low. I wanted to put a strip of tin around the legs. But couldn't find what I was looking for. Strange, I know. This place is like that though. I also tried Plasti Dip. I got the spray can because in all honesty, dipping eight desk legs would be rather awkward. Wood filler failed due to the places the legs were splintering.

I finally decided that the only answer left was ......

Duct ( duck) tape!

This was not the color I had in mind, but it is what was available here. Then I thought it was okay since it is paint splatters hehe! With the desk top being chalk board, I was thinking this might make it a fun desk for a kid. And the best part is that it can be replaced if needed! 

So I really need to a bad way...what say you? 

Cute or Cheesy?