Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Last week I scored another pair of shutters. Super cheap.

They were in the back of my mini van for a few days and then out by the fence for a day or two. Today I took a closer look at them and knew right away they had to be cleaned, even to sell them as is.

So I have just spent the last 45 minutes cleaning one of them. The difference is incredible!  The one on the left is clean, the other will give me another blister before the night is over.

So in cleaning them up, I have decided that I am not painting them. Painting shutters is so time consuming and one of the reasons I have yet to complete my custom build.I have to admit I got bored with the shutters and saloon doors for that project, despite that it is going to look amazingly cool when it is done.

Now I have blisters with one shutter still dirty. Ughh!

Tonight I plan on painting that little night stand I picked up at the auction last weekend and have it ready for the sale too. I want to have at the least, ten pieces, ready to sell this weekend. That's in just 3 days, and I only have 5 of those pieces over at dad's where I am having the sale, with two more that need to be taken over.

Mom has suggested I use some of her pretties to set on my pieces (funny because I was yakking about it one day but it is her idea...sad because her dementia caused her to not realize I had mentioned it before). She has lots of beautiful things that will make these pieces really pop.

Like her candy dish

And her flowers she brought in today

My old desk that I posted before still needs finishing touches; the 2nd shutter cleaned; the little table painted, and the curvy desk will be offered as is w/the offer to paint if they so choose. I am also not painting the inside of the hutch w/option of painting and their choice of color for it. I looked for lace to use in the windows of the upper doors of the hutch and found nothing...another ughh! So for now, I have no choice but to keep pluggin' along with hopes that something will turn up so I can complete that piece, or resort to chicken wire. Either will work but I like the idea of lace better. I have two more days to wrap up the projects I have going and then will spend two days at mom and dad's to see if anything sells. I am also going to talk to a lady about a consignment deal for the time being until I can get my inventory built up again.