Friday, April 5, 2013

A trip to my local Antique Store, and more!

I took a trip into town, a whole whoppin' 5 minutes away this morning and happened to notice the Antique store was open. Wow! That's a first since I arrived here 8 months ago!

I asked permission to snap some photo's. I am only sharing a few here, but let me just say it is 6 large rooms, packed full of pure delight for people like us!
This little footstool was expensive for what it is. Of course I was so overwhelmed by everything I don't remember the price! 

I thought this was cute too, with the Roses painted on it after they were engraved into it. 
Again, quite expensive. 

See the little tan dresser to the left of it? It is doable. Price isn't out of this world, surprisingly!

Here is a large watering can that I thought was just too cute!

And of course it is surrounding by more goodness, like porcelain pots and bowls. 

This shop is 6 Large rooms, plus. 
Seriously, it would take ages to really take in all of the antiques and beauty in it. that I have that out of my system....
Here is a sneak peek at the desk I am working on. 

The paint is from The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company. The colors are Snow White and Salmon Red. To me the salmon red is more of a coral, and the color of the meat of a salmon. 
I was hoping to have this piece done tonight, so I could link up with friends, but to be honest, it is going to take longer because it needs to air out more. 

I work on my projects alone for the most part and this desk is not small. On occasion my brother helps, when needed, but he has his remodel projects going (dozens of them!) so I dislike bothering him. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend full of fun and happiness!
I will leave you with my little surprise growing in the yard :)