Sunday, March 3, 2013

Thank you Old Fashined Milk Paint Company!!

I am writing this to let you all know how wonderful my experience with this Nilk Paint has been! 

First I will say that operator error always kicks me in the butt. I made the mistake of startng when I didn't have time to complete each piece of a twin bed set. That meant I had to mix the color I chose three times and messed it up.  I did sand the pieces, simply because I wanted to make sure the paint would adhere.

Once I got it together, (today) I finally got the color to match and got it finished. 
I love this Milk Paint! It feels like silk going on, and I like the sound when painting the second coat too. This paint goes on smooth and looks fabulous.  

In this picture, it looks like a baby blue, but I can assure you it is the lighting. It really is a darker green. When this paint is not diluted with white, it matches MMSMP's Kitchen Scale, Exactly! I know because I found something that needed a bit of that color and I used this since I was out of MMSMP KS. 

This next photo shows the headboard in back and foot board in front and also shows I managed to {finally} match the colors. 

The paint was amazing to work with. It feels so soft whe dry. I love the service from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company very much. 

They were kind enough to send me two free quarts to try out and included a smaple of unscented wax. They did not pay me to say anything in particular. I just simply enjoyed the opportunity to try it.
From the date of the Giveaway on Facebook, to the time it was delivered, it was about a week. In my opinion, that is super fast. 

A few days after they agreed to send the two quarts, I also ordered Snow White and more wax. All paint I recieved from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint Company is SafePaint. No odor, no VOC's. 
Glorius to work with!

I will definitely order from them in the future for my projects!