Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pink Saloon Doors!

I am excited today! I am currently waiting for paint to dry.

Today is the freebie at Ace Hardware. They are giving away free quarts of Clark and Kensington acrylic flat paint. I just applied my first coat to one side of one of my saloon doors. It is a creamy paint, and being flat, it feels much like chalk paint. It has low VOC's so is easy to work with, and they have very pretty colors.

I started with the saloon door because I needed to know how well it would go on, and how it will compare to painting my plain wooden shutters. I also did a test spot on one of the shutters and it will be fine, look great!

The doors and shutters are going to be the main parts of my 'build'. I wanted to get them all painted before I begin building because once it is built I don't think it would be nearly as easy to paint. 

This picture above does not do the color justice. It is kind of a pastel mauve. I can't wait to finish, but it is going to take time to paint everything. I cannot take the doors or shutters apart so painting will be the most time consuming portion of this project! 
I am done with the first saloon door. 
My screen doesn't showcase the color well at all but hopefully yours will!

I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!